Wood Pellet Cooler Introduction
Wood pellet cooler is necessary machine for biopellet plant. Typical applications are for cooling of feed pellets and wood pellets. It can reduce the temperature of pellets from 80~90℃to about 3~5℃ above ambient temperature. And the pellet moisture content is reduced from 17%~18% to 12%~13%. The Counter flow type pellets cooler adopts international advanced counter flow cooling technology, the cooler generates a premium effect of maintaining integrity of the pellets in the working process. With features of large capacity, smoothly functioning, high efficiency, the counter flow pellet cooler has been accepted by plenty of advanced countries.

Remarkable Features of Counterflow Pellets Cooler

wood pellet cooler

☆ With rotary distributor, the pellets can be cooled evenly in the bin room. Using the pendulum discharger, gentle discharge can be achieved.
☆ The cooling process applies the counter flow cooling principle. Cooling air reverse the pellets and the pellet is cooled from the bottom to top gradually, thus the cooling time is increased. All these will do good to the production of high quality pellets and to extend the time of pellets storage.
☆ The cooling effect of this cooling machine is remarkable. With features of large capacity, low energy consumption, low noise and high automation degree, the counter flow pellets cooler is popular in many industrial pellets production plant.

Main parts of Counterflow Pellet Cooler
The counter flow cooler consists of these parts:inlet rotary valve, cooling bin, distributor, discharge gate, air outlet, level sensor, hopper, pendulum discharger & overflow sensor.
* Inlet Rotary Valve-equivalent to the feeding device. Hot pellet comes into cooling bin through the inlet rotary valve.
* Distributor-ensure the flatness and uniform of the pellets in the bin room.
* Level sensor-adjust the height of pellets in the bin. When the height of the pellets is above certain height, the discharger will work and release the processed pellets. Discharging stops as soon as the product gets below the level sensor.

counterflow pellet cooler

Counter Flow Cooling Principle
The hot pellets from the wood pellet mill enter the cooling bin through the inlet rotary valve.Underneath the inlet rotary valve, a distributor ensures even distribution of pellets in the cooler. The pellets is being cooled in the bin by air flow, which enters the bin through the discharge gate and leaves the bin through the air outlet. Pellets layer height is controlled by a level sensor. The level sensor ensures that the product layer is kept at a predetermined height. As soon as pellets activate the level sensor, the pendulum discharger is operated and pellets are discharged through the hopper. Discharging stops as soon as the product gets below the level sensor. In order to prevent overflow, the cooler has been provided with an overflow sensor,which stops product supply to the cooler.

Tip for Operation and Maintenance Matters
1. The cooler should be based on the strong level ground with the anchor bolts.Before functioning,discharging institutions should be adjusted to horizontal position with a level instrument and the support feet should be fully filled.
2. Before feeding, empty the machine first, check whether the internal parts of the machine are normally.
3. Add grease lubrication to the feeder bearing and gear reducer on a regular time.
4. During long-term storage, the pellet cooler should be placed in ventilated, dry, shady and cool place.

Counter flow Pellet Cooler Technical Data