We help their customer in Slovakia set up the sawdust pellet line.



This line consists of the following machines:
Crushing machine–to crush the larger materials into smaller powder
Drying machine–to make the moisture content reaches the required standards.
Pellet mill— to make the processed materials into pellet
Cooling machine— to reduce the surface temperature and the moisture content of pellets
Packing machine— to protect the wood pellets from damp


ring die wood pellet mill

wood dryer
wood pellet cooling machine

wood pellet plant

Slovakia is a country in central Europe, with its land approximately 40% covered by forests. Wood-processing industry there share a relatively big market. After wood processing, there are abundant sawdust residues, which can be re-processed and made into biomass pellet. With our pellet production line installed in Slovakia, wood sawdust can be made into pellet locally, which features economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.