Biomass fuel is needed in Romania, a country with a temperate continental climate. There is a case that our staff has offered technical support to one of our customers in Romania to install the wood pellet production line.


As one of the alternative energy, biomass energy, derived from nature, is the most potential energy source in the 21st century. It enjoys a good prospect around the world. Biomass pellets are made from sawdust, recycling residues from people’s production activity. Using biomass pellets can save energy and it is good for the environment.


In Romania, the forest area covers 6330 thousand hectares of its total land. Wood sawdust is a kind of residue from the wood processing industry, which can be processed and made into pellets and then used as biomass fuel.

Hence, adopting a pellet production line to make fuel pellets is a wise choice. We not only provide customers with quality wood pellet production lines but also a wide range of services, helping them succeed in pellet making.