It is in Ho Chi Minh that the 2 tons/h wood sawdust pellet line is completed. The project is designed to take 100% wood sawdust for feedstock according to the requirement of the client. The scientifically designed project consisted of pretreatment system, cooling system, sieving system, pelletizing system. The whole line is installed with the machines such as sawdust flash dryer, sieving machine, sawdust pellet machine, wood pellet cooler, packing machine.

sawdust pellet plant

Vietnam is a country abundant with resourceful forests, therefore, the biomass pellet business is quite developed. Apart from supplying wood pellets for the domestic market, Vietnam also provides biomass fuel pellets to the neighboring countries and the Asia market as large. We believe that our client will win his success in the Vietnam biomass pellet business.

Vietnam sawdust pellet line

In the time of energy crisis, it is wise to start a business in the biomass fuel field. We have helped our Vietnam client successfully in building his bio-pellets business. To be our clients and to be our friends, we are always ready to meet your requests.

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