Sunflower husks, also known as sunflower hulls, sunflower kernels, refer to shells of sunflower fruits after the seeds are taken out. It’s a by-product of sunflower seeds deep processing industries. As sunflower is planted widely all around the world, every year a large amount of sunflower seed is harvested. Before, sunflower husks are always thrown away or burnt directly as fuel for sunflower seeds processing. Its utilization rate is low. With the development of biomass pelletizing technic and the invention of biomass pellet machines, sunflower husk has become a promising raw material for biomass pellets processing.

Sunflower husk is an ideal raw material for biofuel pellet processing. Its main ingredient is cellulose, which is a hydrocarbon with high calorific value. Besides, sunflower husk is quite dry and can reach the moisture content limit of 8-10% for biomass pellet making. Thus the drying fees for a wood sawdust dryer is avoided to cut down the production cost. However, sunflower husk is with uniform size about 1-3cm, it can’t be used for processing pellets directly and a small wood hammer mill is needed. After simply crushing, sunflower husks can be used for sunflower husk pellets making. Because sunflower husk is soft material, it will be easy for the biomass pellet machine to press it into biomass fuel pellets.


Wait for the temperature of sunflower husk pellets to cool down and then you can store them in bags for use. Pressed by biomass pellet machine, the density of sunflower husk pellets has been increased. Thus it can burn longer in pellet stove. With uniform size and shape, sunflower husk pellets burn more efficient and little smoke is released during its burning. With low price and high efficiency, sunflower husk pellets will give you a clean and cozy experience for biomass energy.


With the development of the biomass pelletizing technic, making sunflower husk pellets has acquired some achievements in sunflower main origins including: Russia, Argentina, the United States, China, France, Spain, Turkey, Romania, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Thailand. With the increasing installation of new-type biomass pellet plant, sunflower husk pellets application has expanded from simple home use to industrial boiler, power plant, hospital and commercial heating etc. We are professional with biomass pelletizing technic and the new-type biomass pellet plant designed and manufactured by our company has a lot of advantages for sunflower husk pellets processing. If you are planing to start a sunflower husk pellets plant and don’t know how, feel free to contact us ! Our advice is always by your hand.