PKS(Palm Kernel Shell) pellets introduction

palm shell pellets making

The PKS(Palm Kernel Shell) is a by-product from the palm oil industry. It is the kernel shell of the oil palm fruit. In the palm oil press the palm kernel shell is separated from the kernel and become biomass residue. Now making palm kernel shell pellets is becoming hot in pellet making industry in Southeast Asia and European countries. Our ring die wood pellet mill has outstanding performance in making solid PKS pellets due to its rigid design and gear transmission system.

Why choose palm kernel shell to make biofuel pellets?
Easy handling, easy crushing, the palm kernel shells are a fibrous material with a relative small size. Its moisture content is between 11% and 13%, lower than general biomass material. Because of the residue palm oil, the heating value of palm kernel shells is slightly higher than the lignocellulosic biomass. The palm kernel shell is widely existed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,Japan, Korea and some Europe countries. High solid content, high calorific value, low ash and low sulfur content, Palm kernel shell is your best choice for biofuel pellet production line!
Parameter of the Palm Kernel Shell

Calorific value
Moisture content
Ash content


PKS(Palm Kernel Shell) Main Application

palm kernel shell pellets application

1. The palm kernel shell pellets can be used to replace fossil fuel and electricity for home heating
2. Partly or entirely applying PKS pellets to supplant coal in industry boiler
3. The PKS pellets can be burnt in the power plant in the high-efficiency CHP systems to generate electricity
4. Applying the high-pressure boilers to avoid incomplete combustion and the release of dark smoke

Remarkable Advantages of the PKS Pellets
*Palm kernel shell pellets is with low moisture in nature
*The PKS pellet is high in heating energy and efficiency
*Palm kernel shell pellets are easy to handle and store
*The PKS pellets are easy to control and have a broad application
*Palm kernel shell pellet is suitable for most boiler grating system
*PKS pellets generate low to no smoke during the combustion