EFB pellet is a kind of biomass pellet energy resource. It is made of shredded EFB fiber. Compressed by biomass pellet machine, EFB pellet is dry, dense and with high combustion value.
Due to the fine combustion characteristics, EFB pellets have been widely used as a alternative for petroleum. Thus EFB pellets processing with material from palm oil processing industries has become hot in southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where oil palm trees are planted massively.


Specification for EFB Pellets
*Moisture < 12%
*Ash Content = 5%
*Volatile Material = 75%
*Carbon Content = 13%
*Heat Energy = 4000 kcal/kg
Main Application for EFB Pellets
*Power Plant
*House Hold BBQ Rack
*Centralize Steam boiler

Advantages for EFB Pellets
Abundant Palm Empty Fruit Bunch for Biomass Pellets Processing
Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand gathered most of the palm trees in the world to attract millions of investors for palm oil industries. Every year, the crude palm oil production is reaching 48.99 million metric tonnes in Southeast Asia. At the same time, billions tons of palm biomass is processed. According to data, one third of the oil palm biomass is oil palm empty fruit bunches. That is to say, available palm empty fruit bunches are quite abundant for biomass pellets processing. It’s a necessary terms of biomass pellet commercialized processing with palm empty fruit bunches

Mature Technical Support for EFB Pellets Making
Similar to other biomass materials, palm EFB pellets processing procedure involves in raw material crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing. Nowadays with the development of biomass processing technology, biofuel pellet machines and the necessary auxiliary equipments for pellets plant with different capacity, different shape, suitable for different raw materials appear like mushrooms after rain. Putting yield, cost, reliable manufacturers and after-sale service into consideration, it’s easy for the investors to choose the most suitable equipment for EFB pellet making.
Lower Product Cost and High Profits


Profits is the biggest motivation for business. That’s true. As to EFB pellets processing, it’s actually a cost-effective business. First, EFB material is totally biomass waste from palm oil industry and the price is low. What you should pay is the transportation costs and the pellets processing fees. The biomass fuel pellets sales so hot in bioenergy market and it will give you such a rich payback.

In conclusion, palm EFB is quite a suitable raw material for biomass pellets processing. More and more EFB pellet plants are been building in Indonesia, Malaysia Thailand and worldwide. The EFB pellets is clean and renewable. It’s an ideal alternative for petroleum and can be used for both commercial and home use. EFB pellets get a good feedback from the renewable biomass fuel market.If you want to start your EFB pellets business, don’t hesitate and consulting us now!