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1T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant

1T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant

Sawdust is an especially suitable feedstock for pelletizing. The lignin, naturally present in the wood, acts as a glue to hold the pellet together. This 1t/h sawdust pellet plant is much popular because of its high flexibility and wide applicable materials. Complete sawdust pellet production line is also applied for wood chips, grass, palm waste, etc.

Main Equipment: wood crusher, rotary drum dryer, ring die wood pellet mill, pellet cooling machine, sawdust pellet packing machine.

EFB Pellet Line

1 t/h EFB Pellet Plant

This 1 T/h EFB pellet production line has compact structure, so it is easy to operate and of high performance. Besides, the key parts adopt high quality alloy steel adds wear-resisting material, prolong service life of 5 to 7 times, greatly reduce your production cost and expenses.

Main ProductsEFB shredder and EFB fiber crushing machinerotray drum dryer, EFB pellet mill, biopellet cooler, pellet packing machine.

EFB Pellet Line
PKS Pellet Line

2 t/h PKS Pellet Plant

PKS Pellets Processing Technology
PKS → Grinding → Pelletizing → PKS  Pellet Cooling → PKS Pellet Packing

The main palm nut producing areas are Indonesia, Malaysia and other tropical countries. Palm kernel shells (or PKS) are the shell fractions left after the kernel has been removed after crushing in the Palm Oil mill. When made into PKS pellets, they can be a reliable biofuel resource with a lot of advantages:
▶ High calorific value
▶ Environment Friendly
▶ Low moisture and ash content

Wood Pellet Machine(Hot Sale)

Ring Die Wood Pellet Press

This MKLH ring die pellet machine capacity ranges are from 500kg to 1500kg per hour. It is really a cost-effective machine if you want to start medium or large size wood pellet plant for commercial use.

Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Press

Vertical ring die wood pellet mill is of roller-driven design, that is to say, it can process hardwood materials into biopellets. Capacity is from 500-1000kg/h, ideal for initial pellet business.

Electric Wood Pellet Machine

Flexible and movable biopellet machine design, widely used in small wood pellet plant or home fuel pellets making. Capacity ranges from 40KG/H to 550KG/H, various models for choice.

Diesel Small Wood Pellet Mill

With this portable pellet press, you can make not only biopellets, but feed pellets and animal bedding pellets. Driven by diesel engine makes it possible to make wood pellets in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity.


Biomass Pellet Plant Case

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